5 Things to Consider When Adding a Detached Garage to Your Home

A new garage may dramatically affect your house. Garages are frequently used for storing sports equipment, supplies, and landscaping tools and equipment. Their adaptability extends to secure vehicle storage, workshops for leisure activities, and more. Adding a new garage can increase your home’s value and curb appeal.

A garage renovation can significantly increase the appeal and efficiency of your house, whether you already have a garage and are considering an expansion or you’re building a new structure. So it’s because garages naturally transform into multi-use spaces that offer several practical advantages.

adding a detached garage to your home

A single garage space is insufficient sometimes. Sometimes that space serves purposes other than storage. People could utilize it for leisure, employment, or any other activity. Because a detached garage can serve as an addition to an existing garage, many homeowners opt to do so.

But before you ask your builder to start digging for a new garage extension, think about a few things. The following tips will help you plan your home renovation project and guarantee that the finished product meets or exceeds your aims and expectations.

Building Codes and Local Zoning Regulations

Every local government has a zoning and engineering department that sets rules for how and where you can build structures. Whether you are building the detached garage yourself or using a contractor, you must obtain a permit for the project to be finished and approved by the city.

There are numerous zoning and building laws that you must follow, some of which will require the following:

  • How far the detached garage can be from your home, how near it is to property borders, ditches, and culverts, among other factors.
  • The maximum height and size of the construction.
  • What can be done in the garage?
  • How many windows or entrances can it have?
  • The supplies which are available for use.
  • Necessary drainage.

When constructing your detached garage, be certain you know what is permitted and what is not. Before you can start, the city must approve your plans. Remember that if you are a homeowner association member, the construction will also need to be approved by the association.

Insulation and Ventilation

Appropriate ventilation and insulation should be at the top of your priorities, regardless of whether the room will be utilized for storage, a workshop, or entertainment. Depending on your property’s location and how hot or cold it can get during extreme weather seasons, it’s also worthwhile to consider installing heating and air conditioning in the room.

checking the heating and cooling

Any storage place can suffer damage from excessive heat. The lifespan of the items you keep might be shortened by extreme heat, whether you are storing your car, yard equipment, or sporting goods. The threat of mold and mildew is another. A garage with poor ventilation is more likely to develop mold and mildew. It could harm the building as well as any objects kept within.

Driveway Considerations

You might need to extend your driveway down the side of your home to access the new structure, depending on where the detached garage will be located and whether or not it will be utilized to store vehicles, boats, etc. In addition, the landscaping may need to be redone, and utility lines for gas, electricity, and other services may need to be marked.

Partial or Fully Detached Garage?

If your home and the new garage are positioned close, you can add to your house to link the two buildings. A portion of this extension may be open or entirely enclosed. It can be a terrific method to stay warm and dry while it rains, whichever option you select.

Find the Suitable Garage Door for the Entrance

For a garage to be effective and functioning, access is crucial. It holds regardless of whether you build an attached or detached garage on your property. To avoid constantly raising and lowering the overhead door to accommodate foot traffic, it is a good idea to have an exterior entrance to your garage.

If your house still needs a garage, think about where you’ll put one and where you’ll put the entrance from the garage to the house. Again, it would be best if you situated the entry away from the main traffic areas of the house.

Homes are kept clean of filth from shoes and clutter from winter clothing and jackets during the colder months by having garage entrances directly connecting to a mudroom or other comparable area. Before adding a garage, you should consider all of these factors.

Advantages of a Detached Garage

It Looks Great in an Older-style House.

Given that attached garages are such a recent invention, they may appear uncomfortable in older homes. Although the detached garage seems more natural, the attached garage is not completely off the table if you own an older home.

A detached garage would look much more natural and integrated with an older home’s architecture, and it can help conjure the feeling of an old-fashioned carriage house.

It is Away from Any Harmful Gas Emissions.

People frequently store various chemicals and materials in their garages, including paint, harsh cleansers, weed, pest killers, and other things. All of them are safe when handled and maintained properly, but there is always a chance that they were mishandled or stored improperly and will start to release dangerous gases.

If your garage is attached, your house and these fumes are only separated by one wall. As a result, many homeowners feel safer knowing that these valuables are securely secured in a completely different structure, such as a detached garage.

Home Access Points Are Limited

Because a detached garage removes a point of easy access to the house, many homeowners also value the increased sense of security it offers. For example, a burglar could use a garage window to access an attached garage. From there, the garage door leading into the house is the only thing preventing them from entering. It is simple to break into a house if this is left unlocked.

Having a detached garage solves this issue. Common windows and doors are the only entry points into the house. An unlocked garage door compromises no security. Detached garages provide a better sense of protection and safety.

Added Privacy

Some people keep their automobiles and a few tools in their garage and nothing else. However, in other circumstances, garages can frequently be utilized as a form of shop where members of the family carry out small construction tasks, woodworking, or run power tools. Sometimes folks hang out in their garages. Some homeowners might have a TV in their garage, others might have a fully equipped man cave, and others might let their children practice loud musical instruments.

You might welcome the additional privacy that a detached garage offers if you spend a significant amount of time in your garage. In addition, family members can easily join you in an attached garage by opening a door. However, when you don’t feel like company, a separate garage may discourage these visitors due to the additional short distance to walk.

It Reduces Home Noise Levels

In connection with the initial point, if you use your garage to retreat from the rest of the house, you might value the peace of a separate garage. You are essentially blocked off from the house’s noise and distractions if you are in a garage across the driveway or in a comparable location.

Naturally, it also works the other way around. For example, the remainder of the home might benefit from the sound insulation provided by a detached garage if you routinely perform loud activities in the garage, such as using power tools or playing an instrument.

Homeowners might benefit greatly from the flexible space that a garage extension creates. They are a wise investment because they raise a home’s market value and curb attractiveness and usefulness. Because of this, they continue to be a well-liked option for homeowners who want to make improvements to their homes that will make them more convenient and practical.

A detached garage is an ideal option to increase the space you may use on your property. Adding a garage gives you extra alternatives for parking, storage, entertainment, and other things, even if your house already has an attached garage. You can have another garage if you keep the points outlined above in mind.

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